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Chagiya chagiya aish aish aish. allegra 24 sailboatdata pearson 365 this is not cotton candy fluff inducing enough, Junsu wore a PINK suit. REAL MEN WEAR PINK I tell you. Xia junsu tarantallegra hangul lyrics, the high notes were a definitely off. even more obvious than during No Gain. The dance was quite nice, one of the lady dancers played the part of Gilme, miming to the song which we felt was a nice touch. No real feels for this song because I cannot understand the cultural reference to liken a girl you fancy to confectionary. this is not the first time its happened in kpop though, so maybe its a common thing there.

Company- Jun Planning. Purchased from- eBay. Customizations- Enhanced face up by Requiemart, obitsu and rewig. Company- Jun Planning. Purchased from- eBay. Company- Jun Planning. Purchased from- Dollie Mixtures Forum.

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