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13; Already in his translations of Boccaccio鈙 Latin works (1545-1547) Betussi is interested in visual arts; in mythological repertories and 鈚heatres of memory (common places, threes of knowledge, illustrated cycles), produced by encyclopaedia in the sixteenth century (Imagini del tempio, Ragionamento sopra il Cataio). His works, founded on the praise and exemplum, according to Boccaccio (genealogy and homines illustres), reflect the contribution of Infiammati to the issue of 鈖aragone, even after the dissolution of the Academy. 13; In the modern age the celebration of historical origins is a topos for the aristocracy. The iconographic program, or 鈏nvention in Ragionamento sopra il Cathaio, an emblematic description of a sumptuous palace, represents, for instance, a perfect tribute for a glorious family, the Obizzi. 13; Therefore ekphrasis not only is visualization of memorable events and knowledge, but it is above all a venue of the text for the aesthetic discussion about visual arts. Abstract (italian) La capillare influenza del Boccaccio nell鈕pera del letterato Giuseppe Betussi risulta una fonte ancora fertile di ricerca.

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