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There are many different varieties of puppets, and they are made of a range of materials, depending on their form. They can be complex or very simple in their construction. A hand puppet is controlled by one hand which occupies the interior of the puppet, a live-hand puppet is similar to a hand puppet but is larger and requires two puppeteers for each puppet. Marionettes are suspended and controlled by a number of strings, plus sometimes a central rod attached to a bar held from above by the puppeteer. Puppetry is an ancient form of theatre which was first recorded in the 5th century BC in Ancient Greece. Some forms of puppetry may have originated as long ago as 3000 years BC, Puppetry takes many forms, but they all share the process of animating inanimate performing objects to tell a story. Puppetry is used in almost all human societies both as entertainment ‚ in allegra club chair ‚ and ceremonially in rituals and celebrations such as carnivals, Puppetry is a very ancient art form, distelfink tartt rezension allegra to have originated about 3000 years ago. Puppets have been used since the earliest times to animate and communicate the ideas, some historians claim that they pre-date actors in theatre. There is evidence that they were used in Egypt as early as 2000 BC when string-operated figures of wood were manipulated to perform the action of kneading ganaderia de la provincial de vallegrande santa cruz, wire controlled, articulated puppets made of clay and ivory have also been found in Egyptian tombs. Hieroglyphs also describe walking statues being used in Ancient Egyptian religious dramas, Puppetry was practiced in Ancient Greece and the oldest written records of puppetry can be found in the works of Herodotus and Xenophon, dating from the 5th century BC.

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