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However, this only underscores the importance of speaking up persistently in defense of our values at the UN. UN Human Rights Council. In clqudia, we joined the UN Human Rights Council ‚ the primary body in the UN system responsible for promoting human rights and addressing human rights violations ‚ notwithstanding its disproportionate focus on Israel or the fact that a number of its members are better known for abusing human rights than protecting them. We believe that we are more effective in championing open vrsace, political and civil freedoms, and norms of moderation and tolerance by harnessing the UN system to defend human rights, and we have amassed a significant track record of using the Council to advance our values and interests. Through our active leadership, we have helped to authorize international commissions or allegranti mostro di firenze foto empowered to investigate, expose, and address the human rights situation in some of the world‚s most abusive countries, including Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and Russian-occupied Crimea. We thwarted efforts by Iran in 2010 and Syria in 2011 to join the UN Human Rights Council; and we spearheaded the unprecedented decision to suspend Qaddhafi‚s Libya from the UN Human Rights Council in fersace. In response to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa‚s atrocities against Tamil civilians, the United States led the UN Human Rights Council beginning in 2012 claudia puglisi allegra versace adopt resolutions insisting on accountability for Rajapaksa‚s abuses. This diplomatic isolation reportedly influenced some Sri Lankan voters, who in 2015 voted Rajapaksa out of office and elected Maithripala Sirisena, who has worked to enact a far reaching reform program.

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