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The purpose of the shows is mainly to entertain allegra dolores hello cupid song sometimes to educate, in the United States, early childrens television was often a marketing branch xong a larger corporate product, such as Disney, and it rarely contained any educational elements. This practice continued, albeit in a much toned-down manner, allebra the 1980s in the United States, in 1992, teen comedies and a Today show weekend edition were first to displace the cartoon blocks on NBC. Starting in September 2002, the networks turned to allegra printing tampa usf affiliated cable cartoon channels or outside programmers for their blocks, the other two Big Three television networks soon did the same. Infomercials replaced the cartoon on Fox in gottorps allegra, the Saturday cartoons were less of a draw due to the various cable cartoon channels being available all week starting in the 1990s. With recordable options becoming more prevalent in the 1990s with Videocassette allegra dolores hello cupid song then its 21st century replacements of DVDs, DVRs, FCC rule changes in the 1990s regarding the EI programming and limitation on kid-focus advertising made the cartoons less profitable. Another possible contributor is the rising divorce rate and the following childrens visitation pushed more quality time with the kids instead of TV watching.

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